3D Systems and GF Machining Solutions collaborate to redefine future plants

3D Systems and Georg Fischer AGGF Machining Solutions recently announced a partnership to promote the production of metal parts and give manufacturers new definitions and ways of thinking about the manufacturing environment. GF Machining Solutions is one of the world’s leading providers of precision machining and precision parts manufacturing solutions. By combining 3D Systems’ innovation and additive manufacturing expertise with GF Machining Solutions’ leading position in precision machining, this partnership will enable manufacturers to produce complex metal parts more efficiently within tight tolerances. And reduce the overall cost. The planned integrated solution will provide new concepts for factory automation, including software for enhanced part design, 3D printers, automated material and material processing, electrical discharge machining (EDM), milling equipment and advanced post-processing technologies. These new design and manufacturing options directly help improve existing products, new designs, new business models and new markets. 3D Systems plans to launch its first collaborative solution at the IMTS 2018 show in Chicago from September 10th to 15th, 2018 (3D Systems booth #431608, GF Machining Solutions booth #338754).

The relationship between 3D Systems and GF Machining Solutions stems from their focus on providing end-to-end solutions. Over the past 30 years, the two companies have consolidated their reputation as industry leaders and innovators. Charles Hull, co-founder and CTO of 3D Systems, pioneered the invention of SLA 3D printing technology and established 3D SYSTEMS and promoted the 3D printing industry. Today 3D Systems offers end-to-end additive manufacturing solutions that redefine manufacturing processes for customers in the aerospace, healthcare, automotive, dental and durables industries. GF Machining Solutions – In addition to building a reputation for its precision machining solutions, it also demonstrates its market dominance through advanced automation and post-processing technologies. 3D Systems and GF Machining Solutions operate in more than 50 countries, including production facilities, R&D centers, and an extensive sales and service network that includes direct teams and channel partners.

“We are excited about the new partnerships formed by the two industry leaders,” said Georg Fischer CEO Yves Serra. “With the combined experience and expertise of 3D Systems and GF Machining Solutions, we are able to bring new manufacturing solutions based on 3D printing technology to our customers.”

“The 3D Systems and GF Processing Solutions partnership brings together two customer-centric innovators to redefine manufacturing and create future plants,” said Vyomesh Joshi, President and CEO of 3D Systems. “As an industry leader, both companies share a common vision for transformational manufacturing. We look forward to providing integrated technology solutions that provide customers with a significant competitive advantage by reducing production time, sorting time and lowering overall operating costs.

Post time: Aug-14-2018
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