Australia’s largest machine tool company located in Waigaoqiao, Shanghai

On the morning of 18, the opening ceremony of the new headquarters of the Australia ANCA Group Asia Pacific headquarters was held at the International Intelligent Manufacturing Service Industrial Park of the Shanghai self trade test zone, marking the largest machine tool company in the southern hemisphere to set up the Asia Pacific headquarters in Shanghai.

ANCA group, created by electrical engineer Patrick Boland (Patrick Brant) and Mechanical Engineer Patrick McClusky (Patrick McClaskey), was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 1974. After more than 40 years of continuous development, it has become one of the largest manufacturers of professional tool grinder in the world and also Australia. The largest machine tool production enterprise in the sub and southern hemisphere. Its products are widely used in precision cutting tool manufacturing industry, medical equipment manufacturing industry, automobile manufacturing industry, aerospace manufacturing field and electronic manufacturing industry. The group sets up factories in Australia, Thailand and other places and sets up branches in more than 18 countries and regions around the world. Users include Sandvik, Kenna metal, Islamic, Ford, general, Volkswagen, Daimler Chrysler, Boeing, Foxconn, Xiamen egret, Zhuzhou drilling stone, Shanghai tool plant, Xi’an aircraft manufacturing. Factory and so on.

As the headquarters of ANCA group in the Asia Pacific region of ANCA group, it was officially registered in the Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone in Shanghai in 2004. There are more than 600 domestic customers in 2004, with more than 500 million RMB sales in 2017 and steady growth.

The Shanghai Co., Ltd. moved into the two phase of the newly established international intelligent manufacturing service Industrial Park, which has completed the upgrade of the Asia Pacific headquarters of ANCA group. The new headquarters has a total of three floors, with a building area of nearly 2800 square meters, and the design of red, black and white is very modern. In the spacious exhibition hall, we display the latest products of ANCA group, and the demonstration of networked production real-time management system based on Internet technology. Relying on the bonded exhibition and the convenient trading platform of the international intelligent manufacturing industry service park of the Waigaoqiao, ANCA group will further develop Asia Pacific business, provide equipment display, demonstration, sales and training to customers in the Asia Pacific region, and provide more perfect after-sales support services for customers in the Asia Pacific region.

ANCA group is also one of the first batch of enterprises to sign the first China International Import fair. It will take the Expo as a great opportunity to enter the Chinese market. During the Expo, the latest products of the company’s industrial automation and Internet will be displayed.

The International Intelligent Manufacturing Service Industrial Park of Waigaoqiao is one of the professional trade platforms in the free trade test area of China (Shanghai). It aims to give full play to the special regional functions of the customs supervision and control of the Shanghai free trade area, promote the construction of the international intelligent manufacturing equipment and promote the domestic equipment manufacturing industry. With the aim of gathering international leading precision CNC machine tools, industrial automation, intelligent robots, 3D printing, and intelligent medical treatment, the industrial park provides bonded exhibition sales, exhibits logistics, spare parts allocation, import equipment statutory inspection, technical communication, professional demonstration training and financing rents to the park enterprises. Renting and other service functions present the practice case of Shanghai free trade zone free trade zone taking advantage of international trade to participate in Shanghai manufacturing and Shanghai services.

The total building area of the International Intelligent Manufacturing Service Park of Waigaoqiao is about 100 thousand square meters. It is a space carrier for the enterprise, tool enterprise, fixture enterprise, measuring tool and testing equipment for the world famous machine tool enterprises. Up to now, the industrial park has successfully attracted more than 140 multinational machine tools enterprises from more than 10 countries and regions. Among them, 33 of the top 100 enterprises of the global machine tools and manufacturing journals in the United States have formally entered the Shanghai Free Trade Zone bonded area and established the functions of display, technical services, warehousing, office and other functions. There are also 8 customers who have already existed in the bonded area but have already become the platform of the industrial park.

Post time: Jun-06-2018
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