Carrying forward the past – the managing director of SECO Tools Greater China accepts the new appointment of the group

On August 8, 2018, Shanghai – SECO Tools announced that Mr. Bo Udsen, the current Managing Director of Greater China, has been appointed by the Group and will soon leave China and serve as Managing Director of SECO Tools Germany. The appointment was made in September 2018. It officially took effect on the 1st.

“Bo has used facts to show that he can change an organization and increase his participation and sense of responsibility through his leadership. In the past four years (2014-2018), Bo has not fulfilled his mission and led the SECO China In the right direction, we have made indelible contributions in deepening our strategy, expanding cooperation, promoting industrial ecological prosperity, local talent training and enhancing corporate social responsibility.” Mr. Lars Bergstrom, CEO of SECO  Tools Group. According to the plan, the recruitment process for Mr. Bo Udsen’s successor has been initiated and will be officially taken up this year.

In the process of working with Mr. Udsen, the SECO China team felt his vision and insight, his ardent expectations for the continued development and success of SECO China, and his deep friendship with China’s metal processing industry partners and users. During his tenure, Mr. Udsen launched an important investment in SECO Tools in China – a truly multi-functional office service integration base was established in Shanghai; he led the team to tap into the huge potential of the Chinese market. With a large increase in ratio, the Chinese market has developed into the fastest growing and most important market for SECO Tools worldwide. This position is inseparable from Mr. Udsen’s attention and support.

Bo Udsen has been adhering to the innovative spirit of SECO Tools, leading SECO Tools China to continuously promote cutting technology innovation and application capabilities, especially leading the team in the key areas of aerospace, automotive, energy and other challenges, and achieved success one after another; Unremitting efforts to bring the advantages of SECO Tools into new areas such as smart manufacturing. He firmly believes in the future of digital manufacturing and is the first to promote the concept of the industry. His vision has made SECO China always in the forefront of the industry.

In the future, SECO China attaches more importance to the cultivation of talents than before. Mr. Udsen gave the greatest support to further promote STEP training in China and flexibly adjust according to the actual needs of Chinese users. He also supported Seco’s expansion of vocational education in China through sponsorship. In the competition, the self-adapted teaching of the frontier professional knowledge to the teachers has a positive impact on the teaching philosophy of the teachers and the teaching methods in the classroom. Dripstone wear, SECO China believes that the formation of skills and the formation of innovative thinking have far-reaching implications for China’s construction of an “innovative country.”SECO people and uniting in SECO China is this big family. Now, SECO China has a solid team with more professionalism, more willpower and more upwards.

We express our sincere gratitude to Mr. Udsen for his contribution and my heartfelt blessing to his new journey. At the same time, SECO Tools said: Our commitment to China has remained unchanged, we are unwavering in continuous investment and innovation, and we are confident in stimulating the potential of industrial innovation and a new era of smart manufacturing.

Post time: Aug-10-2018
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