Eliminate restrictions on smelting or exploration and mining of rare earths, graphite, and scarce coals!

Recently, the official website of the National Development and Reform Commission released the “Special Management Measures for Foreign Investment Access (Negative List) (2018 Edition)”, which greatly relaxed market access, and the length of the negative list (the industries in which overseas investors were restricted or prohibited) was reduced from 63 to 48. Articles, opening measures in 22 areas.

In the mining sector, rare earths, graphite, and scarce coal have all eliminated foreign access restrictions.

Gai Xinzhe, an analyst at the Institute of International Finance of the Bank of China, said that the list was published at a “critical moment when the trade war is about to break out.” The narrowing of the scope of the restriction list means that it will bring more opportunities for cross-border enterprises, and once again demonstrates China’s position against trade protectionism.

China hopes to increase foreign investment in the Chinese market through these investment changes and the reduction of tariffs on various commodities. The National Development and Reform Commission issued a statement on Thursday saying that since July 28, the number of industries restricting foreign investment in China will be reduced from 63 in 2017 to 48.

The ancients are clouded in peace, and they are prepared and prepared.

With the richest reserves of rare earth resources, the most complete varieties, and high grades, China is still the country that dominates the global rare earth market.

With the continuous discovery of rare earth resources on a global scale, China’s global share of rare earth reserves has gradually declined. In addition, the state encourages domestic rare earth enterprises and capital to go out and develop overseas rare earth resources. The proportion of rare earth imported products in the domestic rare earth market is also increasing year by year.

In recent years, in the face of a new round of international rare earth game, China has continuously strengthened the strategic adjustment of rare earth resources. Although it has strengthened the market power of rare earths to a certain extent, it has not fundamentally improved the safety of China’s rare earths. To make the following recommendations for this:

First, strengthen the “re-capacity” of rare earth resources and promote industry restructuring. Eliminate outdated production capacity, through a strong alliance, mergers and acquisitions, form a group of leading enterprises with resources, scale and technological advantages, rationally increase the concentration of the upstream links of the rare earth industry, and promote the SMEs in the field of rare earth applications to The development of precision,  speciality and newness will improve the structure of the industry and the order of competition.

Second, promote technological innovation in the field of high value-added applications downstream of the rare earth industry. Combined with the “industrial strong base” proposed by “Made in China 2025″, the funds of various market entities will be invested in the high-end application fields of rare earths to enhance the level of in-depth processing technology of downstream enterprises and expand the supply capacity of rare earth high-end applications. At the same time, through the combination of industry, academia and research, major scientific and technological research, innovative research on high-end rare earth technology. Based on the principle of open use, comprehensive domestic application and international demand, and actively strengthen international cooperation in technology research and development, high-end talent exchanges in China’s rare earth field, and gradually narrow the gap with the international advanced level.

Third, improve the formation mechanism of rare earth prices. We will promote the reform of the formation mechanism of rare earth prices, comprehensively use policy instruments such as resource taxes and environmental taxes, and accelerate the establishment of a rare earth price formation mechanism covering the cost of ecological environment. In the process of mining rare earth resources, we will guide all kinds of market entities to actively undertake the responsibility and obligation of resource compensation, ecological environmental protection and restoration, and rationally develop resources.

Fourth, actively participate in the formulation of international trade rules. In today’s global economic recovery is weak, the international financial market is fluctuating violently, and the tide of globalization is on the rise, especially when European and American countries are gradually withdrawing from the world stage, China should grasp the opportunity window of re-shuffling the international status of this round, and combine the “Belt and Road” Initiative to take the initiative to master the initiative of international trade rules. At the same time, pay attention to the financial properties of China’s rare earths, establish a rare earth trading market, develop rare earth financial derivatives, promote the formation of China’s rare earth international financial pricing center, and transform China’s resource advantages into economic advantages.

Post time: Aug-03-2018
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