Environmental protection is stricter Machine tool companies can no longer escape!

With the development of the manufacturing industry, environmental issues are getting more and more attention. It is no longer the time to change the green mountains and green mountains to the Jinshan Yinshan, but many companies have not adjusted their mentality. As a result, they stepped into the minefield.

Not long ago, Beijing Beiyi Medium-sized CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Beiyi Machine Tool”) was fined 30,000 yuan by Beijing Fangshan District Environmental Protection Bureau for environmental protection problems. It turned out that at the beginning of this year, the Beiyi machine tool changed part of the painting operation outdoors because of the tension in the spray booth. As it was not operated in a confined space, the untreated, volatile organic-containing waste gas was directly discharged into the atmosphere, which violated the relevant provisions of the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Air Pollution Prevention and Control, and was fined 30,000 yuan.

Since 2017, the industry has recovered, many companies have increased their performance, and orders are in short supply. Because of this, in the sudden shortage of work in the workshop, some enterprises have experienced flaws in production specifications. As everyone knows, the policy is getting stricter and the bottom line of environmental protection is also increasing.

In the past, on the one hand, due to the limited technical level and high environmental protection costs, green production is overburdened by enterprises. On the other hand, due to development problems, some regions are also tolerant of pollution emissions. These two reasons have led many companies to pay insufficient attention to environmental issues. With the economic development, the environmental protection policy has gradually become stricter, but the environmental awareness of many enterprises has not kept up. As a result, the environmental protection of enterprises has not been reviewed, and it has fallen on the road of development.

The most typical is the environmental inspection inspector in Zhejiang last year. From August 11 to September 11, 2017, the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate stationed in Zhejiang to start work. There are more than a thousand manufacturing companies in Taizhou, Zhejiang. However, in just three days, Taizhou has already noticed that the parts companies have stopped production. In this environmental storm that has swept the country, the biggest hardest hit area is Tianjin, and many manufacturing companies have been forced to close because of excessive emissions. Some people say that the root cause of the environmental storm is that the policy standards are unclear and there is no time for the enterprises to fully develop. Some people think that the means of rectification are too rude. Even if the enterprises do not have the environmental protection, they need to shut down and rectify. Time will let the enterprise sweep the tail, and if it is shut down, both enterprises and workers will suffer losses, and it will also harm the interests of upstream and downstream cooperative enterprises. Some people applaud and think that the shutdown of unqualified enterprises is a normal elimination behavior. The big waves will leave a green and efficient quality enterprise. Netizens have different opinions, but the impact of environmental protection policies on the manufacturing industry is real, of course, including the machine tool industry.

The machine tool industry is closely related to other manufacturing industries. In addition to the above-mentioned problems caused by its own problems, the environmental protection policy has also been affected by the upstream and downstream industries. Hengsheng Machine Tool announced its revenue in 2017 in late April. The company’s revenue was 58.26 million yuan and its performance loss was 9.14 million yuan. In fact, compared with previous years, Hengsheng machine tool revenue has increased, but affected by environmental protection, the prices of castings and steel products have risen. The main machine tool parts and external processing prices have risen to varying degrees, resulting in an increase in the operating cost of Hengsheng machine tools. Higher than the increase in operating income, it continued to suffer losses in 2017.

From Beiyi Machine Tool to Hengsheng Machine Tool, we can see that machine tool enterprises are not on the edge of environmental protection, but at the center of environmental protection. It is imperative to adjust the industrial structure and eliminate a number of high-energy-consumption and heavy-pollution enterprises. Energy conservation, environmental protection, quality improvement and efficiency improvement will also become the development trend of machine tool enterprises. In addition, the author believes that the machine tool is used as an industrial machine. In the new situation, in addition to the high standards and strict requirements of its own production process, the machine tool enterprises must work hard on the products, and produce a batch of products that meet the national standards and the green environmental protection process. Energy-efficient machine tools meet the needs of the market while benefiting the entire manufacturing industry.

Under the dome of environmental protection, it is both a challenge and an opportunity. Even though environmental verification has damaged many companies, it has also accelerated the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and brought new market demands. In the face of environmental protection issues, machine tool enterprises should actively respond to environmental protection as a touchstone to promote their own and industry development.

Post time: Aug-24-2018
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