Germany OPEN MIND helps the 8th National CNC Skills Competition

The 2018 China Skills Competition – the final of the 8th National CNC Skills Competition will be held in Beijing in October. For the first time, OPEN MIND Technology AG, the world’s leading professional CAM software supplier, has become the designated sponsor of this competition, providing professional technical support based on the latest version of hyperMILL® software.

Understanding the contest

In order to speed up the training and selection of high-quality skilled personnel in the field of numerical control technology that meets the needs of industrial development in the new era, we will guide the employees of all kinds of enterprises and teachers and students of various vocational colleges to study hard, study hard, and take the road of skills and talents, human resources and social security. The Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the All-China Federation of Trade Unions, and the China Machinery Industry Federation decided to jointly host the 2018 China Skills Competition – the 8th National CNC Skills Competition.

This year’s competition includes:

1. Turning (CNC turning technology)

2, CNC milling (CNC milling processing technology)

3, machining center operators (multi-axis linkage processing technology)

4, CNC machine tool adjustment maintenance workers (CNC machine tool intelligent upgrade)

5. Computer programmer (digital design and manufacturing).

Professional service to help improve skills

As the most professional CAM software supplier in the industry, OPEN MIND’s senior engineers have been in the processing field for many years, serving a wide range of corporate customers from all walks of life, especially for five-axis linkage processing and difficult parts processing. Actual processing experience. Participating in this year’s National CNC Skills Competition, we aim to help competitors apply the most advanced and professional processing technology to the competition.

In this competition, hyperMILL® software will provide comprehensive technical support for the two operations of “machining center operator (multi-axis linkage processing technology)” and “computer programmer (digital design and manufacturing)”.

In order to help the contestants achieve good results, in the pre-match preparation stage, for those who participate in the above two events and intend to use hyperMILL® software, we will provide free license for genuine software, and a special person will be responsible for providing training for the contestants. In the finals of the competition, in addition to providing software licenses and perfect post-processing, we will also have professional engineers to provide technical support throughout the competition to ensure that the contestants successfully complete the mission.

I hope that the contestants will be able to play the unique advantages of hyperMILL® software and achieve good results in the competition!

Post time: Sep-11-2018
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