HP pushes new 3D printers, Volkswagen will use it to build auto parts

At the 2018 International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) in Chicago, USA, HP, a major printer manufacturer in the United States, introduced the HP Metal Jet printer and said it is the world’s most advanced 3D printer for high-volume production production. Metal parts.

The company says its new printers are less expensive than other 3D printing methods, but can increase production capacity by 50%. Manufacturing leader GKN Powder Metallurgy and Parmatech of the United States are deploying the HP Metal Jet printer for the production of final parts at the factory. Hewlett-Packard said that the world’s leading companies Volkswagen, Wilo and innovative vertical market leaders Primo Medical Group and OKAY Industries are also ordering the printer.

In the industry’s first collaboration, HP partnered with GKN Powder Metallurgy to deploy HP Metal Jet printers at its facilities to produce automotive and industrial companies producing functional metal parts for companies such as Volkswagen and Weir. German automaker Volkswagen is integrating HP Metal Jet printers into its long-term design and production planning. The collaboration between Volkswagen, GKN Powder Metallurgy and Hewlett-Packard has enabled the manufacture of mass-customized parts such as individualized key rings and exterior car brands to be realized faster.

Volkswagen’s multi-year plan also includes the use of HP Metal Jet printers to produce high-performance features with tight structural requirements, such as shift knobs and mirror mounts. As new platforms such as electric vehicles begin mass production, HP Metal Jet printers are expected to be used in other applications, such as printing lightweight metal parts that are fully safety certified.

Dr. Martin Goede, head of Volkswagen’s technical planning and R&D department, said: “The automotive industry is undergoing changes, not only customers want to buy personalized cars, but by 2025 the Volkswagen Group brand will launch 80 new electric car models. One car contains 6,000 The advantages of technologies such as HP Metal Jet printers to 8,000 different components allow us to produce many of these components without having to build production equipment first. By reducing the cycle time of production parts, we can achieve even larger scales soon. For mass production, we expect to raise standards and provide customers with more value and innovative products.”

Post time: Sep-18-2018
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