International Robotics Alliance (IFR) Releases Global Industrial Robot Investment Trends

The International Robotics Federation (IFR) announced the “The World Robotics Report” that will be released every year at the “World Robot Summit 2018″ press conference held in Tokyo, Japan. According to the report, the global investment in industrial robots will continue to increase.

In fact, from 2013 to 2017, sales of industrial robots worldwide have doubled. By 2021, the average annual growth rate was 14%. Regarding this report, Esben Ostergaard, co-founder and CTO of UR Robot, said, “As with previous reports, the experience of UR robots in the industrial field is consistent. Whether large companies or small and medium-sized enterprises show great interest in automation, they are still Confirm the advantages of using a robot.”

The report emphasizes that cutting-edge technologies such as simple programming of people and machines can help increase manufacturing productivity and expand robotic applications. In this regard, Esben Ostergaard emphasizes that “robot automation will improve product quality and inertia. On the essential issue of human-machine collaboration, collaborative robots are not a substitute but a person, and the demand for touch-screen products is expected to continue to increase. Collaborative robots are an effective tool for dealing with this situation.”

Now UR robots can dominate the collaborative robot market because of the simplicity of the program. UR Robotics stated that “the main feature of collaborative robots is that they are easy to program and easy to program, and they must be streamlined to make the user more convenient.”

This report looks forward to an increase in the demand for robotic automation in the automotive, electronics, and metal industries. In 2017, China, the United States, South Korea, Japan, and Germany accounted for 73% of global robot sales, which is related to UR robots. Sales in each country accounted for the same proportion.

Post time: Nov-23-2018
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