Nano-diamond reinforced 3D printing materials are available now

Earlier this year, Finnish nanodiamond manufacturer Carbodeon and Dutch 3D printing specialist Tiamet 3D teamed up to develop a nanodiamond-enhanced 3D printing material: uDiamond. On September 17, 2018, 3D Tiger learned from foreign media that the 3D printed materials are available. Nanodiamond-based PLA 3D printing materials enable faster 3D printing and improve the mechanical durability of 3D printed parts. Nanodiamonds themselves have the ability to shape the structure and properties of 3D printed materials.

In addition, nanodiamonds improve the conductivity of PLA. Carbodeon’s tests show that uDiamond materials are also easy to print with consumer-grade 3D printers, and can increase print speeds to 500 mm / s and print parts with better mechanical properties.

Carbodeon CEO VesaMyllymki said: “The uDiamond material will be sold in both filament and pellet form, and the Finnish Technical Research Center (VTT) has always been a long-term, reliable partner.”

The Finnish Technical Research Centre (VTT) has optimized Carbodeon’s uDiamond material for the creation of PLA composites for 3D printing, in the production of industrial scale nanodiamonds. .

“Using our chemical testing equipment, we produced nanodispersive materials for melt processing at VTT to support the creation of new products,” said Jarmo Ropponen, head of the VTT Chemistry Pilot Study Group.

Nanodiamonds are diamond particles produced by explosions and they are among the most thermally conductive and hardest materials currently known. Studies have shown that if inhalation of nanoparticles has some health effects on the human body, they can cause oxidative stress in the heart, lungs and brain. Processing in a well ventilated environment is one way to reduce risk. According to EPA and REACH assessments, Carbondeon’s nanodiamonds have proven to be non-toxic and suitable for a variety of applications.

“With the addition of nanodiamonds, plastic melt processing has become easier and mechanical properties have improved,” said VTT research scientist Satu Pasanen. “Based on preliminary testing, the modulus of 3D printed test pieces can be increased by up to 200% compared to the existing PLA materials on the market. Currently, VTT has produced the first 600 kg of material, which Carbodeon has improved. For commercial products.”

Carbodeon’s nanodiamond materials are widely patented. uDiamond is suitable for professional and consumer FFF / FDM 3D printers at an affordable price of only 35 Euros for 500g spools. You can find out more about uDiamond and order this product on the Carbodeon website.

Post time: Sep-26-2018
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