Promoting the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure

We will optimize the industrial structure, speed up the transformation of new and old energy, accelerate the restructuring of the industry, eliminate backward enterprises and eliminate excess capacity.” Guangxi Hezhou Mayor Lin crown representative said that in 2017, Hezhou shutting down a number of “land bar steel” production enterprises, involving 3 million 400 thousand tons of capacity. The next step will continue to integrate the existing parks and enterprises, from the resource consuming and extensive production model to capital intensive and technology intensive, and vigorously develop high-end, scientific and technological products. To extend the industrial chain and promote the transformation and upgrading. Focus on the development of calcium carbonate, assembly building and ecological longevity economy three hundred billion yuan industry.

“To promote the development of high quality economy, we must find breakthroughs in promoting the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure.” Guo An, mayor of Nanchang, Jiangxi, believes that first of all, we should change the concept of development, change the concept of one side pursuit of speed in the past, and pay more attention to the quality and efficiency of economic development. We should vigorously cultivate new industries, new kinetic energy and new growth poles, and tap high-quality potential for development. Accelerate the development of modern service industry, adhere to the production service industry in the development of integration with the manufacturing industry to specialization and value chain extension, the living service industry in the expansion of the expansion of consumer consumption to the standardization, convenience, brand orientation.

To promote the optimization and upgrading of traditional industries, we must let the old trees produce new shoots. “Coal is the advantage of Shanxi, the key to the transformation and upgrading should be ‘subtractive’ into ‘addition’, from the low end to the high end, and to concentrate and gather the road of intensive development.” Li Jinping, chairman of the Shanxi Lu’an Group, said that, on the one hand, it is necessary to eliminate excess capacity with the courage of the firm, on the other hand, to make coal from the traditional basic fuel and raw materials to high-end new materials, high-end special fuels, and so on.

The development of new industries and new energy will greatly enhance economic innovation vitality and core competitiveness. Peng Shou, director of the Bengbu Glass Industry Design Research Institute of Chinese building materials, said that the past information showed that material technology has been monopolized by foreign enterprises. Under the guidance of scientific research institutes and innovative enterprises, the world’s thinnest 0.15 millimeter touch glass, such as a batch of high-end products, continued to emerge, providing key raw materials for the industry of light and electricity. It is necessary to encourage enterprises and universities and research institutes to form strategic alliances for industrial technology innovation so as to form a joint effort to solve the problem of “last mile” in the transformation of achievements.

To realize the transformation of industrial structure and create new development advantages, talent is the first resource and innovation is the first driving force. Gao Xiangming, chairman of the chairman of Taiyuan iron and steel (Group) Co., Ltd., believes that it is necessary to continue to smooth the career path of scientific and technological talents and skilled craftsmen, so that they have both “Li Zi” and “face”, and continue to increase the investment in scientific and technological innovation to meet the needs of product development and technology research and development.

Post time: Jun-14-2018
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