The focus of the international mold manufacturing industry is gradually moving closer to China.

International mold is being aimed at the Chinese market, and gradually closer to China. Our Chinese mold should rely on this good development environment and strive to strengthen it.

Throughout the world, the mold manufacturing industry is in full swing. In recent years, the International Die and mold industry is in a period of accelerating transformation. Because of the advantages of cheap labor and rich raw materials, the center of International Die and mould manufacturing is gradually approaching to China, and the emerging mold Market in Latin America, India, South Asia and Central Asia is also in a rapid development. In the exhibition period, our Chinese mold should be supported by this great period, striving to achieve a certain position in the world.

The present situation is that our Chinese mold manufacturing industry is growing at a rate of twenty percent per year, and this growth rate is amazing. The relevant professionals of Chinese mold online believe that in the “12th Five-Year” period, China’s mould industry should speed up the transformation of the development mode according to the requirements of the new industrialization, turn the extensive development model to the mode of economy and intensive development, and increase the strength of technological transformation, independent innovation, elimination and merger and reorganization, and accelerate the promotion. The structural adjustment and optimization and upgrading of the die industry can foresee a great prospect for the future development.

With the increasingly fierce international competition and the increasingly complex market demand, the mold industry is facing a severe test. It is difficult to obtain obvious advantages on a single advantage. Therefore, in the future development, China’s mold industry should pay attention to the direction of “diversification”.

China has always been the processing site of the world’s factory. According to the current market information, we think that mold products should be developed in the direction of large, precise, complex and new technical equipment for new technology, which are integrated with precision processing technology, computer technology, intelligent control and green manufacturing. As a mold enterprise, it needs to be produced in production. We must constantly learn advanced technology and introduce advanced talents. With the help of developed countries in China, the environment of building a factory in China has made great efforts to develop integrated technology, sophisticated equipment, digital manufacturing, refinement, high-speed processing and automation. I believe that after such a transformation, our Chinese mold will be transformed from a processing factory into a manufacturing power. Of course, we should pay attention to environmental protection at the same time, which we should pay attention to. Only green manufacturing can ensure our sustainable development, and our economic construction can achieve long-term results.

Post time: May-02-2018
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