The top 50 Indian machine tool companies in the world settled in China Industrial Park

In recent years, the demand for important equipment manufacturing industries such as India’s defense, automobile and railway has increased significantly, which has led to a substantial increase in the machine tool industry. Some Indian machine tool companies have grown stronger through the momentum and are constantly seeking overseas market expansion. The Ace McMurray Group is one of them.

According to the “Wen Wei Po” news, on October 24, the new “Technology Experience Center” of India’s largest machine tool manufacturer, Mike Rometic Machine Tool Company, officially opened in the Shanghai Waigaoqiao International Intelligent Manufacturing Service Industrial Park.

The Industrial Park is one of the “6+365” perennial display trading platforms of the first China International Import Expo. The “Technology Experience Center” of the company is located in the second phase of Waigaoqiao International Intelligent Manufacturing Service Industrial Park. The main contents of the “Technology Experience Center” are machine tools such as CNC turning centers and CNC grinding machines.

It is reported that the company is part of the Ace McMurray Group and is the world’s top 50 machine tool manufacturer. Founded in 1976, Ace has been a leader in the CNC machine tool manufacturing industry in India, specializing in CNC turning centers, CNC grinding machines, CNC machining centers and automation equipment. The products are widely used in automotive, energy, medical, fluids. Processing, parts processing in aerospace and other industries.

At present, Ace McMurray Group has a market share of 35% in India, and the Pracetti Automation Company, part of the Ace McMurray Group, is the world’s largest manufacturer of tool holders and automatic tool changers. One.

For a long time, the machine tool industry in China has had little cooperation in investment and trade. Since 1991, India’s domestic machine tool demand is huge, so manufacturers focus on domestic market development, and the share of exports in output value is less than 10%. At present, the Indian machine tool industry has an annual output value of 1 billion US dollars, but the export is only 50 million US dollars, and the products are mainly exported to the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy and other countries.

However, as India’s domestic market is becoming saturated, customer demand is declining, and China is now the world’s largest machine tool market, and India is actively expanding the Chinese market. For example, the PRAGATI plant of the Ace McMurray Group has changed its main export target in Europe to China, and built factories in Jiaxing and other places. The products are exported to China’s Baoji, Shenyang, Yunnan, Great Wall and other machine tool manufacturers.

At present, many Indian companies have expressed the desire to seek distributors and agents in China to solve the problems of future sales and after-sales service of Indian machine tools in China.

Post time: Nov-02-2018
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