Ultra-precision machining tool wear evaluation is expected to be fitted with “perspective eye”

Ultra-precision flying knife milling is a high-precision multi-axis simultaneous milling technology widely used to process non-rotating symmetric micro-nano surface with sub-micron dimensional accuracy and nano-scale surface roughness. However, tool wear that occurs during machining will result in a decrease in the quality of the machined surface and affect the efficiency of the cutting process. On the 15th, the reporter learned from Shenzhen University that Zhang Guoqing, an associate researcher at the School of Mechatronics and Control Engineering, found that there is a certain correspondence between the chip shape and the tool wear characteristics in ultra-precision flying knife milling. Based on this relationship, a A new method for online identification of tool wear and surface topography.

Zhang Guoqing revealed the wear characteristics of diamond tools and the changes of chip surface and machining surface caused by tool wear characteristics during the milling process of ultra-precision flying knives. The basic cutting mechanism and chip forming mechanism of ultra-precision flying knives milling were studied through theoretical analysis. Construct a geometric model of the chip topography.

“Subsequently, the online identification and 3D reconstruction of the tool micro-cracking wear and the surface topography of the workpiece were realized through the research; the on-line evaluation of the tool steady wear and the surface quality of the workpiece was realized.” Zhang Guoqing said, finally, analyze and study the processing parameters and measurement. The influence of error and material properties on the tool wear and the three-dimensional reconstruction of the surface profile of the workpiece, and the accuracy improvement strategy is proposed to improve the tool wear and the identification accuracy of the surface topography of the workpiece. The ultra-precision flying cutter milling tool wear and An online identification system for surface topography of workpieces.

Zhang Guoqing said that compared with the traditional tool wear online identification method, this method can realize on-line accurate identification of tool wear patterns and online characterization of machined surfaces during ultra-precision flying knife milling. Related research will help to better understand the chip formation mechanism in ultra-precision flying knife milling, optimize cutting strategy, reduce tool wear, improve tool life, ensure surface quality and reduce time consumption to improve production efficiency.

Post time: Aug-17-2018
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