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Walter Inc launched a special processing steel material of new powder metallurgy high speed steel extrusion Taps TC430 Supreme (Zhi Qiang): with or without lubrication groove, the axial or radial cooling, or without internal cooling function. The extruded tap provides two kinds of coating, and a through / blind hole is used for a tap. Due to the use of new substrates, polygonal geometry, and new pre-processing and post-processing, the tool has obvious advantages in terms of service life. Although TC430 Supreme has more extrusion points, the torque is reduced by nearly 30%. Therefore, TC430 Supreme can also be used in low power machine tools.

The multilayer ALCRN coating is absolutely innovative: it can achieve maximum service life on all steel parts. In addition also has the advantages of conventional extrusion tap: such as high strength thread molding tool design, stability in the anti fracture, no chip formation, but the cut, thread surface quality is very good. TC430 Supreme (induced by strong) for steel materials tailored, thread processed has higher tensile strength, dynamic force resisting thread safety is in use, can be used in general machinery industry, automobile industry and energy industry.

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Note: the thread of the Walter extruded taps TC430 Supreme (strong) has higher fracture strength and safe resistance to the dynamic force of the thread in use.

Post time: Jun-21-2018
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