World Robot Summit 2018 Tokyo opens

The World Robotics Summit 2018, which brings together the exhibition of living and industrial robots, opened on the 17th at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center (Jiangdong District, Tokyo). In order to expand the opportunity to use robots in daily life, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry held this exhibition for the first time, showing cutting-edge technologies such as helping disabled people and doing housework. 91 companies and groups participated in the exhibition, and the exhibition ended on the 21st.

Iwata University’s Iwatani Research Office has demonstrated a technique called “the third hand”, where humans and robots work together. After wearing the robot and special glasses, the robot will be able to act as required after pointing the face to the item you want to take and saying “take a plastic bottle”. In addition to helping people with difficult wrists and the elderly, this technology can also be used when cooking and other hands are occupied, and strive to be put into practical use.

The laboratory of a Swiss university used the electric wheelchair used in the “CYBATHLON” disabled movement to demonstrate the up and down stairs. Developers are eager to say “I hope to apply this technology to other wheelchairs.” Robots that inherit traditional craftsmanship techniques and reproduce the movements of gardeners through remote control are also attracting attention.

A robot competition involving 126 teams from 23 countries was also held at the venue. Panasonic has disclosed the practice of robots using image recognition technology to place products in convenience stores on designated shelves.

Post time: Oct-26-2018
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