With the introduction of a new double-sided whirlwind, the company has expanded its industry-leading series of square shoulder milling cutters, which will help manufacturers without high-power machine tools achieve excellent part surface quality.

The cutting tool adopts advanced groove shape, which can improve the roughing process of steel, stainless steel, cast iron and superalloy and reduce power consumption. The cutter adopts double-sided blade, with four cutting edges, and adopts advanced milling materials of shangao, which can obtain the highest production efficiency. The double-sided cyclone can meet the needs of processing workshop and mass production facilities.

The tool has a highly accurate groove shape, which can provide the maximum positive helix angle, reduce the possibility of surface mismatch, and achieve 90 degree angle accuracy. With this precision, the finishing cycle time will be significantly shortened, and in some cases, finishing is not even necessary.

There are 19 metric models with a diameter range of 32 mm to 125 mm and 16 British models with a diameter range of 1.25 “to 5″. Zomx16 blade has a large positive angle groove, which can effectively remove chips and reduce cutting force.

These features minimize vibration, extending tool life and maintaining a smooth surface Finish. Double sided design can significantly reduce the cost of each cutting edge. Zomx16 blade includes two groove types: ME10 and M12, and two radii: 0.8 and 1.6. PVD and duramatic ® CVD materials are available.

The design of double-sided cyclone square shoulder milling cutter adopts more efficient materials and resources, reduces greenhouse gas emissions (CO2), and is a more sustainable and responsible choice.

Post time: May-31-2020