With Walter Cut MX, Walter AG introduced a slotting and cutting blade to the market. The blade is not only mature in technology, but also overcomes the shortcomings of the existing competitor blade system: to avoid installation errors by fixing the positioning pin, and to improve the replacement and positioning accuracy. Even if one cutting edge is broken, it will not affect the use of other cutting edges, so as to achieve maximum economy. Excellent service life is guaranteed by Walter’s special precision internal cooling system and Tiger Tec Silver blade material. This combination combines stability, productivity and accuracy, and sets a benchmark for the current market. Now Walter has further expanded the MX product line through Walter CaptoTM tool holder and wider blade width.            The new Walter CaptoTM monolithic cutter (C3-C6) enables MX systems to be used today for machine tools with Capto interfaces. In addition, there are new cutter plates which can be used in automatic core-moving machine tools and multi-spindle machine tools. New grooving and cutting blades for large blade widths and tool rods (e.g. for pre-grooving) have further improved the Walter product series: the former blade widths were only 0.80 mm to 3.25 mm, but now they can reach 5.65 mm – covering the commonly used 4 and 5 mm sizes (grooving depth is 6 mm). Develop new applications for MX grooving and cutting blades for users: from mass producers (e.g. small parts with high precision) to workshops where rapid and precise tool replacement and economy are at the top of the list. The indexable blades with special shapes can be delivered within four weeks using the Walter Xpress system.

Post time: Feb-26-2019